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Mobile Videos Have Gone Viral

Mobile video marketing has become one of the most powerful tactics for brands to connect with their target audiences. According to Hubspot, marketers who use video in their campaigns grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. With the advancement of technology, the capabilities of mobile videos have increased tremendously.

Instead of a traditional video with a few special effects and taglines, brands can now reinvent their image through the utilization of GoPros, 360-degree videos, live videos, virtual reality, and more.  Mobile videos allow companies to deliver relevant, high-quality content to their audiences in real-time.

There are many routes a company can take in implementing an effective mobile video marketing campaign. Here are 5 powerful strategies to launch mobile video campaigns in the right direction.

1. Personalize Mobile Video Campaigns

Customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. This preference for digital content highlights the positive impact mobile video marketing campaigns have on businesses.

Mobile videos should be developed with relevant content that connects with the emotions of viewers. Emphasizing emotions in marketing will further personalize your brand and keep customers engaged.

A strong example of a personalized video campaign is the Always-Like a Girl Campaign. This campaign transforms the phrase “like a girl” from an insult to an “epic battle” by featuring a series of videos of girls aged seven to mid-twenties around the world playing the sports they love.

Incorporating stories from people around the world allows viewers to connect their own experiences to the people on the screen. The Like a Girl campaign empowers girls around the world by allowing them to post videos on social media to share their personal achievements and stories.

The use of social media on mobile increased the reach and impact of this campaign. Always’s inspirational video campaign is promoted across all social platforms and encourages girls around the world to boost their confidence and exceed expectations by playing “#likeagirl”.

2. Stay Ahead of the Industry with Facebook Live

In 2017, video content is projected to represent 74% of all Internet traffic. Embracing the power of Facebook Live is an effective way to stand out from the pack of brands creating videos. Facebook live connects you with a wide range of people from around the globe in real-time.

Through Facebook Live, brands can showcase their product, promote their company in innovative ways, and spread overall brand awareness. The interactive nature of Facebook Live allows prospective customers to ask questions and converse with their fellow peers. These videos grant audiences the ability to see behind the scenes of companies, helping to humanize a brand.

Already known as a digital news and entertainment hub for millions around the world, Buzzfeed decided to further connect with their following by broadcasting a workplace dance battle on Facebook Live.

The dance battle allowed viewers to vote for their favorite dancer and name the unique dance moves they witnessed on the screen. Between rounds, audience members asked the Buzzfeed staff questions on any topic they liked, increasing engagement and peaking user interest.

An idea as simple as a dance battle between employees gained over 350 shares and 217,000 views. Beyond the numbers, audiences were able to strengthen the connection with Buzzfeed’s brand as they got to know the writers behind the screen in a new way.

3. Increase Mobile Engagement with StoryTelling

73% of B2C content creators stated that their top priority is to create more engaging content. An effective way to keep engagement strong is to incorporate a storyline into your video campaign.

Storytelling enhances the experience for your customer as they follow an advertisement from start to finish. Stories can be designed as compelling, emotional, or appealing to your target audience based on their preferences and behaviors. A captivating story will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Reebok’s Count Your Days Campaign showcases the power of storytelling. The video follows the life of an older woman in reverse until she is a newborn. The end of the video encourages viewers to “calculate their days” left on Earth and inspires them to honor their life in the way they see fit. Reebok gives the saying “live life to the fullest” a whole new meaning with its story told through video.

This campaign takes the statistic that the average human lifespan is 25,915 days long and transforms it into an inspirational journey.

4. Emergence of Virtual Reality on Mobile

Virtual reality has become an emerging mobile trend over the past year. Through mobile devices, content is easily accessible and relevant to the specific mobile user. Virtual reality presents potential customers with a unique way to interact with a product or service.

Marriott Hotels recognized the potential of virtual reality and launched a virtual honeymoon campaign. Marriott set up a virtual reality booth outside of New York City Hall, a popular place for wedding ceremonies. As newlyweds left City Hall, they were encouraged to step into Marriott’s virtual reality honeymoon and “travel” to destinations such as Hawaii and London.

The newlyweds were immediately immersed in a deluxe vacation that featured beaches or cities in different Marriott locations around the world. This 4D virtual experience inspired newlyweds to book trips with Marriott to turn their virtual vacation into reality.

This virtual reality campaign gained over one billion media and social media impressions. Marriott expanded the success of the virtual reality booth to individuals around the world by making the campaign accessible on mobile devices. Through social media platforms, the company website, and virtual reality accessories, individuals could experience a Marriott vacation at any time and place.

5. Expand Reach Through Snapchat

Snapchat currently has 150 million daily active users. Snapchat allows users to instantaneously communicate through video with family, friends, celebrities, and brands on their mobile devices.

Posts can be enhanced with creative face filters, personal drawings, and geotags based on the user’s location. Companies around the world have embraced Snapchat for its cost-effectiveness and expansive reach through social videos.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation utilized Snapchat to promote the new movie and get their audience involved. Prior to the release of the film, Snapchat users were presented with self-destructing missions to complete. Users utilized geographic filters to complete the missions and post their submissions across the social media platform.

Top submissions were featured across all of Mission Impossible’s social media platforms. Overall, this Snapchat campaign gained over 65 million impressions for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Reap the Benefits of Mobile Videos

Using video ads increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. With mobile’s increasing presence and impact on the marketing industry, embracing its power is no longer a suggestion but a necessity.

Implementing mobile video campaigns is a powerful tactic for brands to uniquely connect with their target audiences and reinvent their brand identity.