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oneAudience is a leading mobile intelligence provider, committed to connecting our partners with unique mobile segments and custom mobile audiences.

Mobile allows us to connect with people like never before.

oneAudience helps app developers, publishers and advertisers discover and connect with mobile audiences so they can effectively advertise to today’s on-the-go users.

Through our network, we collect billions of mobile behavioral data points, including app usage and device IDs. Then, we deterministically match each device with demographic, lifestyle and purchase data to create accurate mobile audience segments.

With deterministic device ID matching, every impression, every conversion and every click can be tied back to one identifiable consumer with a rich profile full of actionable data.

Our Story

Today’s consumers are always on the go – each with changing interests, behaviors and preferences. In order to be as dynamic as our consumers, we put mobile at the heart of our operation.

Realizing the power of mobile, Bridge – a data driven, full-service marketing agency – acquired a mobile SDK to serve as the missing piece of their consumer database.

Together, we combine mobile data with offline and online data to enhance our first-party mobile audiences with rich consumer profiles and smart audience intelligence.

The result? Powerful marketing insights and audience intelligence that help us understand people so we can connect them with more relevant advertising.

Our Team

Rob Rose

CEO & Founder

Nathan Yadlin

Founder & CTO

Ari Saposh

General Manager U.S. & Founder

Kathy Lee

VP of Marketing

Arto Torosoglu

VP of Sales

Josh Hirsch

Head of Data

Katie Cope

Business Development Manager

Adam Schlett

Director of Business Development

Jackie Licari

Director of Marketing

Matan Zutta

R&D Manager

Michael Royf

Team Leader

Noy Katzman

Team Leader

Harel Cohen

Team Leader

Gil Tvil

Team Leader

Bob Brucato

Director of Accounting

Oren Assif

Senior Developer

Maia Segal

Senior Developer

Shlomit Cohen

Senior Developer

Lynn Lalley


Evan Numeroff

Creative Director

Ilana Altman

Project Manager

Jonathan Harel

Junior Data Scientist

Shachar Wertheimer

Automated Quality Assurance

Neta Meir

Quality Assurance Analyst

Lee Ashouri

Administrative Manager

Tomer Peleg

Data Team

Melkis Rosario

Data Team

Bilal Sanchez

Data Team

Joe Borsellino

Data Team

Daniel Edri

Partnership Manager

Harrison Gluck


Donna Hong

Brand Marketing Manager

Daphne Alva

Communications Manager

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