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Audience Insights

Understanding your users is more prevalent now than ever before, especially for mobile app developers. With a projection of 5 million apps to be available in the app store by 2020, developers are challenged with finding effective ways to leverage their apps against the competition.

Audience insights are the peephole to learning more about your users.  Analyzing these insights allow app developers to gather essential information about their users and tailor marketing strategies to fit their user’s unique wants and needs.

Understanding Your Users

Developers are always on the hunt for new ways to improve their app, gain revenue and acquire more users. Through the installation of a high-quality software development kit (SDK), developers can gain tools that help make their mobile app friendlier to users and more robust in features.

How it Works:BlogAudienceInsightsWith the help of a mobile data SDK, developers can access audience insights for a comprehensive view of their mobile users.

With deeper audience insights, developers can learn about their app users and their changing interests and preferences, which is essential when running an optimized marketing strategy.

Three Benefits of Analyzing Audience Insights

Below are three ways your mobile app can benefit from audience insights:

1. Personalized App Marketing

With a better understanding of who your best users are, you can make informed decisions on how to improve your product and enhance the user experience.

The best way to drive success and stay ahead of the competition is to keep your users satisfied with your app function, capabilities and service.

Understanding your users allows you to deliver more relevant content, products and services. Engaging your users with relevant ads that align with their interests is essential in creating a personalized app experience.

2. Acquiring New Users

Audience insights not only allows for personalized marketing, but they also allow you to strategize on targeting new users.

Knowing your ideal users gives you the upper hand in creating lookalike audiences. With lookalike audiences, you can expand your mobile audience and target new prospects who resemble the characteristics found in your highly engaged active users.

Reaching potential users that want to be targeted is the most productive way to gain new active users. On the other hand, finding similarities and differences in your users can also generate opportunities for creating new apps to target ideal audiences.

3. Earning Additional Revenue

Many developers are still relying on in-app purchases and/or advertisements to earn app revenue. In fact, advertising leads the app monetization method with 65% of all mobile apps displaying ads.

While these methods can help bring in revenue, a relatively newer and more innovative way to earn app revenue without disruptive banner ads or additional in-app payments is through data monetization.

Once a user downloads an app that’s integrated with our SDK, we gain access to essential mobile points that help us create actionable audiences.

Audience insights allow developers to wisely market their users to advertisers, creating lookalike audiences, all while gaining an additional revenue stream.

The Future of your App

Audience insights provide valuable mobile information for developers to improve their user experience, gain new users and earn revenue.

Being knowledgeable on your mobile application and users with audience insights is essential for app growth and success.