Uncover hidden mobile audiences

It all starts with your users. We help developers earn new revenue by turning app user information into the audience insights that advertisers crave.

How does it work?

It’s simple. oneAudience combines your first-party mobile audience with our unique demographic, lifestyle and purchase information. The result? A complete understanding of deterministically identified—AKA actual, real people—who are using your app.

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Knowledge is power.

With rich audience insights, you’ll better understand what makes your users unique and how to serve and market them to advertisers – create lasting relationships with your users and earn new revenue with your newfound intelligence.

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Reap the benefits.

Deliver Relevant Ads
Understand what makes your audience unique and serve relevant ads that speak to them.
Earn New Revenue
Join our network and earn additional revenue with your existing mobile users.
Find New Users
Identify your best customers and use our look-alike models to expand your mobile audience.
Know Your Users
Build a lasting relationship by putting the right content in front of the right people.
Enhance User Experience
Create better app and mobile experiences that match your users’ interests.
Build Stronger Audiences
Connect advertisers with the sought-after mobile users they crave.

With more information, comes more opportunity.

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