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What’s a Mobile SDK?

A software development kit (SDK) also known as a “devkit” is a set of programming tools to help developers create apps for a specific platform – whether it’s for computer systems, video game consoles or mobile devices.

More specifically, mobile SDKs equip app developers so that they can easily build a variety of high-performing mobile apps for smartphones and tablets to be published in Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

According to SmartInsights, 90% of mobile time is spent in apps – making the mobile app experience all the more important for both app developers and app users.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile SDK

1. With a quality mobile SDK, you’ll have all the necessary features to build a dynamic mobile app.

Not every developer is equipped with full coding expertise and extensive software development skills. Even those who are, save an ample amount of time by incorporating the programming tools of a mobile SDK.

By integrating well-written, quality code with a variety of support materials, you can incorporate new features to your mobile app to make sure it’s robust and up-to-date with your competition.

In addition, a mobile SDK helps your app to be more stable and perform better. If it crashes, you have something to fall back on.

2. Your app will have a greater chance of being published.

A high-performing app with the support of an effective SDK is more likely to be published into Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

According to Statista, there are currently over 2.2 million apps available to Android users as the leading app store, and over 2 million apps available in Apple’s App Store as the second-largest app store.

In order to keep up with the rapidly growing number of mobile apps, it’s essential to equip your app with a reliable and robust platform to make it in the marketplace.

3. You can create a customized app experience for your users.

Developers are able to build custom apps and tailor experiences for their users with the help of a quality mobile SDK.

Not everyone’s app is purposed or designed the same therefore, a set of helpful tools and features can increase the versatility of your app. By providing a helpful and relevant mobile experience customized to who’s using your app, you can increase app retention and drive mobile behaviors.

Whether your audience is employees, customers, or gamers, you can ensure that your app reaps the benefits of having a strong SDK solution to meet your users’ needs.

How to Choose the Right One for You

Integrating a mobile SDK into your app can be extremely beneficial, but it’s vital to choose the right one for you. The two major aspects that differentiate the right mobile SDK are the proper use of data and security.

You want to ensure that your SDK is not only of high quality but also keeps the information of your end users secure. Although there are typically multiple third-party libraries integrated with apps, it’s important to seek a mobile SDK that prioritizes permission-based and opt-in mobile app solutions.

A high-quality mobile SDK with your users’ security in mind will help improve your app experience, retention and reliability.